In 2023, we launched a new networking initiative during lunchtime, known as 'PyPods.' PyPods are roundtable discussions hosted by moderators, providing an opportunity for people to enjoy lunch together, make new connections, and engage in guided discussions covering Python, open-source, career in software engineering and developing new networking skills.

We want to take this moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to our exceptional hosts, the moderators who made all of this possible:

  • Ohad Einav & Ron Alfia - Generative AI - the Python Perspective
  • Omri Grinfeld & Michal Afek - Recruiting Pod
  • Hofit Marzouk - Speed Pod - Introduction to other conference attendies
  • Yotam Perkal - PySecurity Pod
  • Ram Nathaniel - Clean Algo code, and how is it different from regular code
  • Lior Mizrahi - Cool Open Sources that's worth knowing + Sprint Preperations
  • Orna Shalev - Becoming a Manager
  • Elad Jacob - Building your internal network of connections
  • Vicki Kalmanovich - Build or Buy?
  • Dana Beiski Nissan - Guiding Juniors: Finding your first job in tech

As we reflect on this year's feedback, we look forward to continuing this initiative next year and extending a warm invitation to you all to participate once again!