PyCon Israel 2018

Meet our Gold sponsors: Singular

PyCon Israel is proud to have Singular as a Gold sponsor!

Singular is transforming the mobile marketing stack. Our platform solves the hardest challenges for the most sophisticated global marketing teams including customers like Gett, Twitter, Lyft, Electronic Arts, Airbnb, Zynga, Disney, and Tinder.

Our team of product, design, support and R&D engineers sits in the heart of Tel Aviv, on Rothschild Boulevard. Each day our platform processes terabytes of data from thousands of data sources enabling the world’s most sophisticated marketers and data engineers to perform fast and flexible analysis on their marketing performance

We got a team of very skilled, independent people to work together to build our product. If you’re interested in analytics, distributed systems, cloud technologies and strong people to grow with and learn from - we’ve been looking for you!