PyCon Israel 2018

Meet our Silver sponsors: Fundbox

PyCon Israel is proud to have Fundbox as a Silver sponsor!

Small businesses are the backbone and growth engine of the world economy. But it’s very hard running an SMB, and playing field is far from leveled.

Fundbox is an innovative Fintech startup focused on providing SMBs with better chances to survive, grow and thrive by giving them new financial power and enabling better access to capital. We do this by developing state-of-the-art Web and mobile applications with simple user flows and fully automated processes fueled by innovative machine-learning models.

Our offices are in San Francisco and Tel-Aviv, which is our tech center. Our infrastructure and applications are comprised of Python micro-services at the back-end, serving Angular and React on the front-end. We love innovation, automation, data, slick design and whiskey drinking. Above all, we believe that coupling great people with great technology can make a real-world difference.