PyCon Israel 2018

Tal Peretz

Tal Peretz

Tal Peretz, currently a Data Scientist @Panorays, have formerly played diverse roles in the Israeli Air Force.

Tal participated in a special confidential course in which he accomplished his Mathematics and Computer Science BSc in 1 year.

He then pivoted to an IAF software department in which he developed a large near real-time Air Traffic Control system, focused on data fusion and data distribution, while pursuing his MBA in entrepreneurship, innovation and technology management.

Tal founded the Israeli Air Force Data Science team. He initiated and lead end-to-end a large variety of classified data science projects in multidisciplinary fields, researching and solving challenging classification, regression, clustering, association rules and anomaly detection problems, from specification through data acquisition, exploration, cleaning, transformations and feature engineering to fitting, validating, testing and deploying ml models. all while managing a group of highly intelligent and sarcastic data scientists.


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Twitter: @talperetz24


Hacking for Fun & Profit: The Kubernetes Way

Monday 3:30 p.m.–4 p.m. in Main Hall