PyCon Israel 2018

Inbar Naor

Inbar Naor

Inbar is a Data Scientist at Taboola, where she applies deep learning techniques for content recommendations. In the past, she worked with different type of data, including DNA sequences, neurological recordings, click streams, texts and images. She has an MS.c in Computer Science with a focus on machine learning research, and a BS.c in Computer Science and Cognitive Science. In her spare time she is the host of Unsupervised - a podcast about data science in Israel; a co-founder and manager of DataHack, a Data Science and Machine Learning Hackathon and the DataTalk meetup. Also, she really hates olives.

Twitter: @InbarNaor


Model Calibration - is your model ready for the real world?

Tuesday 11 a.m.–11:30 a.m. in PyData