PyCon Israel 2018

Tuesday 2 p.m.–2:30 p.m. in Hall 2

Testing at scale - Leveraging py.test to test over multiple clouds

Carine-Belle Feder

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Oracle-Ravello enables enterprises to simply lift and shift complex virtualized environments to the cloud - with no changes to the virtual machines or their network. To do it well, we leverage py.test as the backbone of our host and networking testing infrastructure. We wanted to test our product over multiple environments, with a huge set of parameters - but still run them in parallel. For us - a cloud company - the solution seemed obvious; We mixed and matched several python packages with cloud APIs to create a robust yet simple testing system. Want to work on a different cloud? Just add a command line flag. Want to test if your product can work on any hardware? just add a parameter. We will start by introducing our own testing use cases and the python packages that were useful to us. Then, we'll take a look at several tests while demonstrating how easy it is to add more tests and features, and run an example on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with python API.

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